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Training 11 ( interlude 2) avidols is still hard to believe that my wife, Sue, was passed to have sex with me once a month at most, at least eight foreigners in recent months ass! More than that his attitude toward sex, how they dressed and how they acted more like a whore to be a married woman. On our avidols last trip, which not only had to catch me and four guys, but he had left in her pussy, let unprotected, avidols can be clearly seen walking through the bar with his seed, leakage between her legs. It was also the first time they can penetrate all virgin rectum, though still I can not believe a single finger, I could. with their behavior is still open and exhibitionist, I avidols decided it was time for another attempt at dogging ! Sue in a very short dress, black wrap dress with neckline, fastened by a bow on the right hip and had no more than a couple ofblack stockings, which had a pair of shiny patent leather boots with a heel ankle short and spiky. He had removed the nipple rings and replaced them with the bars with a small metal ball at each end. took me back to the same rest stop that had happened before, I had taken the doll with the media I and placed the blindfold over your eyes to something lying to their places and started kissing and fondling its fixed. There were three or four dark cars there when we arrived, so I turned on the interior light and Sue took little kiss on the neck hole, something I knew I turned, I looked and saw that we had two or three spectators watched from the car. I reached into the top of her dress and began fondling her breasts, caressing and squeezing her sensitive nipples at the avidols bar, served between my fingers, gently enclaves, turning slowly. This led Sue to start complaining aloud ad start arching her back and squirms in seat, I have now slipped one hand under the hem of the dress caressing her thigh until I reached her, and step attenuation. Two of the observers had their cocks out, stroking hard. I reached over and opened the door and told Sue in the legs and turn the car around, what they did. From behind, I pulled the top of her dress open to drilling, showing bare breasts and leaned on me a hand on each of his knees and gently pulled her legs, so to separate the dress, leaving the discovered her legs half- dressed and clean shaven pussy. The avidols men were in the range, she began to caress and fondle her breasts, caressing her legs and some tried to get her bare pussy. Sue complained loudly now, her senses were stimulated by so many strangers. Enjoy held in control of my new dog, a woman, I told the men, for a moment as we got off the car. I got up and avidols walked, and Sue buy the dolland helped her out of the car. Even took me blindfolded to one of the picnic tables in the park left and told him, response and being there, her ass resting on the table, legs spread. Then he broke the tie securing the clothes and put them avidols together as they slide down her arms to the elbow, so it was bare and exposed to the three boys who had been watching us. I told them please, so my avidols wife has been hot and began to fondle avidols her breasts again, and reached between her legs, her hungry hole with his fingers to explore. Soon, Sue began to turn his hips and moaning as they begin a climax, to feel in its construction. I told the man to stop, which was done immediately, so that Sue stood there, still moving her hips lasciviously, removed their hopes of a climax. I stood in front of her and pushed her to stretch across the table, his legs hanging stockings on her dress, her ass resting orn the edge. It took me by the wrists bound and tied over his head, then with some spare screws had brought with him, tied his legs at the ankles so they separated. Open up to explore the village and told them that they mock a dirty little bitch, and let the kids liked was high and dry, they could do what your shit before you want, but if they could get to come or can I pray for her, she could pick her everything she wanted. When I heard that Sue is said, ' Oh my God', which caused three men working in their sensitivity in the nipples and clitoris, which were thrash around, bit her lip, not to come at least for now. should have known that, in holding that not too long, how to tease the men in her body, to the point, telling him I wanted to do when they arrived, and that dirty cock teasers as they deserved avidols everything they have . All stimulation, along with your commentswas too much for my wife horny, and she began to climax loudly. Two men were working on her pussy, finger fucking her hole and the other to manipulate her clitoris, she wanted her climax for as long as possible, the other man was teasing her nipples, pinching them, the kiss of drawing, and keep biting, looked up and said it was hot for her and asked her what she wanted to sue bit her lip and said nothing, so the man took the two bars across their pierced nipples and started up and away from table to draw what turn to arch his back and moaned loudly, now man, the bars and started pulling a little longer, was Sue cries sometimes pain, pleasure hand, the man said, 'shit avidols we like and do not stop' Susan 's hips were circling as lusty jokes Angry Men who were in the direction of the point of no return, just before the opportunity to really stand out clearly had its juices could be seen emerging from between her legs. in long hot my girl could bear no longer is: 'Oh my God, he is dirty bastard, fuck me now, make me cum ', she laughs at avidols her and asked, men began to tell him to fuck until hurt avidols ! One avidols of the men asked me if it's OK, your 'cash back' was vicious, but I told them it would be better for everyone if you put the condom before fucking her pussy dirty. She said she loved to swallow semen, so maybe you want to enter her mouth when she wanted, or to masturbate on her naked body. So, while the first stranger took his place between his outstretched legs, Sue, put on a condom, avidols another stranger knelt beside Sue 's head and fed his cock into her mouth as he bit ready recently started to catch the face of my wife, his companion eat very slowly, which seemed like a good cock 7. 8 inches in her pussy little hot. The third man standing, so that Sue was stroking his cock with their hands tied. It was not long before the man began to growl in her wet hole, when he began his emptyoutput of semen in the condom, he wore, the avidols husband of Susanna in her mouth, held the head in place as they began to unload his seed, forcing his cock into her mouth as his balls against her chin, his sperm directly into the throat. When the unknown third party, not he, like condoms, said it ended, he sat astride upon request to the head and put his huge cock between her lips met are coated, urgency, even after a few moments we are passing the cheek blew look like she could get her mouth filled with strangers. After they finished, we had left, I was blindfolded Sue and kissed her lips and then decompressed and inserted my cock painfully hard in her love hole and filled it with freshly caught later with my seed a few moments. When I left her, stepped back and saw him spread tied and helpless in the moonlight, my come slowly away, between her legs.
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